Thanks for Commenting your .02¢ent’s

Don’t freak out, you just got thanked!

I just wanted to say thanks for commenting.  I don’t think people say ‘thanks’ often enough and I know that it’s a big step to go from “just reading” to “participating”.  It means a lot to me that you decided to comment, and join the conversation.  I think this website is a blessing and your presence can only make it stronger.

If you like what you read here, stick around and voice your 2¢ and valued opinion.  This site is founded on the promise to be 100% upfront and honest even if that means taking hard stands. And because we should live by this standard, I think it’s only fair that everyone can do the same. So whatever you have to say, I want to hear it.  And if you just commented to disagree with me, then I especially thank you for that. Because I know it can be the scariest comment to leave.  Unless, of course, you were just mean about it. Then…fine, I have already forgiven you.


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Thanks again for your 2¢ and taking part, if only for a day.  I hope to see you back but, if not, I’ll be sure to leave the light on for ya!

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