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What is Some Jesus Things? Well… It really is everything. Spend some time poking around on this site and learn what I mean.

Take a minute or two, read a Blog Post, or check out the Colloidal Silver Water and Colloidal Silver Gel. Discover Some Jesus Things for yourself. “There’s Surely Something Here, that is certain to Enrich Your Life.”

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So go ahead and sit back; relax, get yourself a cup of coffee. Grab that list of people you would like to Bless with a gift; “that just so happens,” to Bless your bank account.   Don’t forget to bless yourself!

In these pages you have the chance to grow closer to Jesus through…….

Articles to help you Grow by reading authoritative entries based on the Word of God.

Got Salvation? Get Jesus? Become a Christian and get to know Jesus personally!

Some Jesus Things offers you the most unique, and sweetest tools, to spread the Word of God and show Your Love of Jesus.

 I PraSome Jesus Things Logoy you are Blessed and Spiritually Fed.

 Be a Blessing and Be Blessed.


(John 21:25) ~ Look Up Some Jesus Things!

Otis AuthorThis verse gives Some Jesus Things .com plenty of room to learn, teach, and ramble on about the things that Jesus has done, can do, can’t do, and will do.  I guess that if the world itself could not contain the books that “would” be written. Well then; I have a lot of work and study to do…

Jesus is still doing everything today that He did yesterday (Hebrews 13:8).  The problem is that the world has become desensitized to the works of both God and Satan.  The fierce battle is raging and we Christians should be running towards the front line.  The enemy (Satan) has this world so buffaloed that Christians, atheists, and agnostics alike; instead of fighting back, are ignorantly bleeding out all over the battlefield (2 Corinthians 4:4). 


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