Unholy Holy Water?Holy Spirit is the Living Water

What comes to your mind when you think of holy water? Is it water to be truly reverenced as Holy? Is it water that is consecrated or set apart that has been infused with power from God? Or is it water that has been blessed to be used as a tool thrown on the demonically possessed for exorcism?

Ponder this as you read the rest of this article…. “Is there really any such thing as Holy Water today?”

There is only one place in the entire bible where water is referenced as being Holy.קָדוֹש Strongs H6918 Transliteration: qadosh Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-doshe’) Defined as: Sacred, Holy. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Strife's Campfire Bible verse graphicStriving or Strife?

There are those who thrive on strife. Constantly finding fault, nitpicking, bickering, starting trouble, making mountains out of mole hills, and trying to making their senseless issues yours. They live and thrive on the chaos. The more commotion going on the more they can spread strife and enjoy the adrenaline of the struggle.

This type of person has to constantly have some kind of issue in their life to feed their discontentment. This is how they hide the corruption that comes from within, so they do not have to face themselves.

These are the same ones who complain the most. Exclaiming, “It’s not my fault, woe is me!”

These people can not handle a peaceful, quiet, calm, and serene lifestyle. A lifestyle that seeks the peaceful rest of God. (Hebrews 4:9-11)

Strife can manifest its ugly head equally oppressing heathens, atheists, and Believers alike. For the Christian it is detrimental to the process of spiritual maturity and sanctification; requiring obedience to live in contentment and harmony with God or man. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Why Kick the Goads?Why Kick Against the Goads?

This begs the question… What are goads? A goad is made from a length of wood, blunt on one end and pointed on the other. A goad is used to urge reluctant animals into motion.

In bible times ‘to kick against the goads‘ was a common expression typically referring to an ox lashing out and kicking back against the herder’s prodding. The more the beast would kick; the greater the likelihood the goad would stab into the flesh causing pain.

Jesus stated to Saul on the road to Damascus, “It is hard for you to kick against the goads. (Acts 9:5) Why would Jesus make such a statement and how was Saul kicking against the goads? [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The Holy Spirit is Your Spiritual Hard DriveSpiritual Hard Drive

I was forced to replaced the hard drive in my laptop. The Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology or SMART for short, began reporting errors. Smart is a software diagnostic routine built into a hard drive’s firmware.

This ‘SMART’ technology monitors the health of a hard disk by running tests that can give indicators of not only the health; but also of impending failures inside the hard disk itself.

This little jaunt into replacing a disk drive sounds simple enough; but, this does not even begin to expound upon the fear and anguish of losing the countless daunting hours of work and information contained within my hard drive.

As you can deduce, I and my Data obviously survived the ordeal, as I am currently writing this on the same laptop. Now, with a new solid state hybrid disk drive.

You might be asking, “What does this have to do with God?” Why, Thank you for asking! My mind was quickened to this technology depended world we live in. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Without HindranceBall and Chain

Abraham Lincoln said, “God must have loved the common man for He made so many of them.” I believe Mr. Lincoln was pretty close to the truth. I tend to think of people as uniquely individual with common traits.

It is the superstars and supermodels that are uncommon or abnormal. The world’s media and ‘BIG Money’ have unfairly idolized these individuals and set them upon pedestals built out of greed. Satan has set-up a fraudulent world value system, veiling the truth from actual reality. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Evil Angel of LightThe Serpent goes to Church

Most Christians think of church as a place where Christians unite in fellowship at specific times; a safe haven for the lost and spiritually wounded. A place of comfort and rejuvenation. Holy ground where one can find sanctuary from the malevolence of Satan spread to a malignant carnal world.

WRONG! Satan goes to church religiously. God, Adam, and Eve dwelt in Paradise; in a unity of fellowship in the Garden of Eden. Satan ‘in the form of a serpent’ nefariously slips right into the middle of this small congregation of three. This is where Satan launched his quest of relentlessly speaking lies of doubt, dissension, deception, heresy, blasphemy, and apostasy into the ears and hearts of mankind. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Look What Happened!Golden Calf Idol

A broken window, a bent fender, or a dog loose from the yard. These situations can sometimes be attributed to accidental causes.

It is usually the person who is at fault calling it an accident; while the person effected would more than likely call it negligent disregard.

These perceived perspectives point the pathways which direct each persons moral compass of right from wrong.

For example an accidental gunshot victim caused by someone target shooting. Anyway you want to slice the truth up to dissect an answer. This fact will always remain constant. The shooter shot the victim.

A more common example might be; you go home and find the house a mess. The kids, dog, and spouse are nowhere to be found. What happened? Was it a burglary, kids rough housing, dog chewing up the house, or did your spouse go crazy? [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Teardrop of Blood on Rainbow White House at DarkAmerica, a Not So Holy Land

Everywhere I turn, headlines in the news showcase another instance proving the moral and spiritual degradation of man.

It’s like a ‘one-two punch’ evidencing bible prophesy. The sad part: This new news is still old news that has been going on since the creation of man.

Here in America we have recently made Sodom and Gomorrah look like a romp through preschool. We have graduated, within all forms of sexual immorality and sins to the status of socially acceptable and legal unions of marriage. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

That’s Just Too EasyHeirloom Rose Verse

My wife and I love gardening. Not the work so much; but, the reward of all the beautiful flowers, foliage, and hardscape which creates an environment that enriches our lives.

Hard work is the vehicle through which our appreciation and nurturing love is fully comprehended. If all we had to do was just snap our fingers and ‘poof’ it was done; our adoration wouldn’t be as intense and real. That’s just too easy.

This is often how Christians expect their salvation experience to be. Thinking, “Now I live on Easy Street. God will take care of everything.” Many unwilling to put in the necessary work to realize maturity in sanctification. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Las Vegas Modern EgyptPleasures of Sin

Let’s face it! If there were not some sort of pleasure or immediate gratification in sin; nobody would do it. The reality of sin is that it starts off giving us what we want, while decomposing our health and happiness in the end.

There is no long-term joy or sustainable pleasures in sin. Sin demands that you keep coming back for more. Ultimately the pleasure found in the beginning passes forever, with no way to get it back. That first high, first drink, first sexual encounter, or the rush of doing something you know to be wrong and got away with. [CLICK TO READ MORE]