AvodahVolunteers doing Avodah work.

Avodah is a Hebraic term with a triune meaning. It means work, worship, and service. You have probably already guessed where I’m going with that.

If you guessed that we should worship God not only with prayer and praise, but also with our service to work and people, you are entirely correct.

The term Avodah in Hebrew comes from the pronunciation of Strong’s (H5656) עֲבֹדָה `abodah pronounced a·vō·dä’ meaning = labour, service labour, work labour (of servant or slave) labour, service (of captives or subjects) service (of God). Avodah comes from the root עָבַד Strong’s (H5647) âbad pronounced aw-bad meaning = to work (in any sense); by implication to serve, till, (causatively) enslave, etc. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Relativism GraphicGod’s GPS

I bought a tablet with a built in GPS. This got me to wondering, “How can I use this for God’s glory?” I found that I did not really need the tablet’s GPS, I just needed the tablet which happens to have a GPS.

God did, however, reveal to me why my interest was sparked in the GPS. I guess you could even say, “Ignited.” [CLICK TO READ MORE]

A Theophany’s PromiseMoses and Burning Bush

In previous articles Who is Jesus? And What are Angels? We established that Jesus existed as the Word before His incarnation through a Virgin’s birth. It was also determined that Jesus being God and creator of all things could also take on Himself the appearance of what He has created.

In the teaching What are Angels? It was made apparent that Angels could also pierce through the spiritual realm into the physical realm, in the course of their service to the Lord. These appearances to mankind were sometimes obvious in the form of angels and anonymously in human form.

In ascertaining Who is Jesus? We know that Jesus being a part of the Godhead can be both spirit and flesh. Have you ever wondered about the verses in Exodus where Moses is speaking to God.

God is commanding Moses and the people to leave Sinai. One verse says face-to-face and another says that nobody can see God’s face and live. Yet in between these two verses, Moses is begging God to show him his glory. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Fallen AngelsWhat are Angels?

I must preface this article stating that the worship of angels in the place of God is a transgression and iniquity towards God. Angel worship is the basis of many occultist beliefs.

Let no one cheat you of your reward, taking delight in false humility and worship of angels, intruding into those things which he has not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind, (Colossians 2:18)

Satan after-all is an angel and can be very deceptive. Especially to those who open themselves up to angels, becoming more susceptible to Satan and his fallen angel’s delusions. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Who is Jesus?Who do you say I AM

To understand who Jesus is; It is imperative to know that He didn’t just crop up in history within a Virgin’s birth.

Mankind has been trying to explain and understand the Nature of God since he was created. God has shown Himself to man in three forms. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is what the bible calls the Godhead. Religions call it the Trinity because of the three facets Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The word ‘Trinity’ is not in the Bible but then again neither is the word ‘bible’ in the bible. These are descriptions and names given that aid mankind to understand God, His Word, and His Spirit within a book called the bible. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Seasoned BelieverA Seasoned Believer

According to U.S. Census, 76.4 million people were born during and between 1946 and 1964. We became known as the baby boomer era. The first of my kind turned 65 on January 1, 2011.

The U.S. Census reveals that an American turns 50 every 7 seconds. That’s more than a whopping 12½ thousand people every day. AARP states that by 2015, those aged 50 and older will represent 45% of the U.S. Population.

You would think? That all these babies would have grown up and became wiser by now. Why has our Nation’s morals withered? Where is Jesus booming in the offspring produced by this generation? Where is the spiritual health of a Nation reared by Boomers? Why are Christians a languishing minority? [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Worth Your Salt?Swaddling Cloths Salt Covenant

Salt played a fundamental role in the bible. Salt was used within Hebrew society of the Testament periods as seasoning, preservative, disinfectant, a unit of money, and a crucial component of all ceremonial offerings required by God.

In the days of Jesus, King Herod held a monopoly on salt coming from the Dead Sea. This is where the priests got their supply of salt needed for Temple rituals and offerings. Roman soldiers were often paid with salarium argentum, or salt money. Even our word “salary” comes from the Latin word sal, meaning salt. Slaves were often traded in salt, this is the origin of the expression that someone is “not worth his salt.” [CLICK TO READ MORE]

God Speaks In DreamsIn Your Dreams!

In my last four articles we have learned both the physical and spiritual importance, along with the benefits of constant unbroken fellowship with God.

To read the last four use these links:  1) Have you left God in Bed?  2) Breakfast with God  3) God says, “Let’s do Lunch.”  4) Jesus Invites You to Supper

Make a conscience decision to stay focused on the presence of the Lord. A moment by moment freewill choice to walk with the Lord.

If you have accepted any of my challenges to invite Jesus to spend the day with you, or if you have simply accepted His invitations, ‘to you’ for fellowship in your life. You most certainly will have found purpose and direction in your daily life.

The effects of fellowship and prayer have an astounding impact on the your goals and purpose to life. Most of you have heard the saying, ‘Knowledge is Power.’ The better way to put this is: Power comes from the Knowledge received by God. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

 Jesus Invites You to SupperWedding Supper Of The Lamb

If you have been following along with me on the last few articles; you have had the privilege of spending the day with Jesus.

Just encase you need to catch up you can read the following articles.

We have learned the importance, the honor, and the wonderful Love and Joy of sharing our day and lives with Jesus. We know the value of a constant moment by moment relationship walking with Him.

We have had breakfast and lunch, and now finally we get to know Jesus better through His invitation to Supper. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Loaves and FishesGod Says, “Let’s do Lunch.”

In my last two articles, Have you left God in Bed and Breakfast with God. We learned the importance of starting your day off right. Start by hitting your knees in prayer. And savoring breakfast feeding on the presence and word of God.

Then, instead of leaving God at home in bed; Take Him with you, throughout your whole day. Walk and fellowship with Jesus in each and every moment.

Remember to be aware of your own carnal desires, flesh, and temptations thrown at you by the enemy. Stay vigilant, seek, and follow Jesus. Allow the Lord to reveal Himself to you. It might just surprise you to learn what many of you have been missing in your life. [CLICK TO READ MORE]